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Assertive Defense of the Self: CBT for Social Anxiety

Date: 31 Mar 2012

Hong Kong

Most cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) for social anxiety emphasize tests of client fears that other people will be critical and rejecting. Dr. Padesky has argued that an emphasis on these "danger" beliefs misses the point with treatment of social anxiety. She suggests that, just like in the treatments of other phobias, treatment of social anxiety is more e¬ffective when the focus is on exposure to fears with the opportunity for coping practice. Yet many therapists try to treat social anxiety without intensive exposure to criticism and rejection.

Dr. Padesky developed a method, "assertive defense of the self," which guides socially anxious clients in the development of coping skills and confidence to manage criticism and rejection. While this step-by-step approach is simple to understand, there are nuances in its application that can derail therapists in its application. This workshop teaches each stage of assertive defense of the self, highlighting common therapist errors and beliefs that interfere with successful treatment outcome.

Those who have attended Dr. Padesky’s workshops in the past are familiar with her signature workshop approaches. After she demonstrates key therapy methods via live demonstrations or video, participants have an opportunity to bring their learning to life in carefully designed experiential exercises. These are framed by her clear didactic teaching, organized handouts, and rich clinical discussions. Learning unfolds in simple steps which layer over the course of the workshop to yield a sophisticated and nuanced treatment approach by the end.

Attend this workshop to observe and practice the skills required to e¬ffectively use assertive defense of the self in the treatment of social anxiety. Enjoy this workshop for all Dr. Padesky’s embedded creativity, humor, and optimism which help you learn to treat your clients’ social anxiety more e-ffectively.

- Articulate the relative benefits of a focus on coping or danger in CBT with social anxiety
- Use a targeted interview to identify feared criticisms and "assertive defense" responses
- Practice “assertive defense of the self” from both client and therapist perspectives
- Design relevant behavioral experiments for out of session practice
- Debrief behavioral experiments to maximize client learning
- Integrate assertive defense of the self with other empirically supported therapies for social anxiety

Christine A. Padesky, Ph.D., is considered one of the leading cognitive therapy workshop presenters in the world, appreciated for her depth of knowledge, compassion, and good-humored warmth. She has presented over 350 workshops to more than 40,000 professionals throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia as well as 25 workshops with cognitive therapy's founder, Aaron T. Beck, M.D. Her clear, organized and compelling presentations integrate theory, empiricism, creativity, audience interaction and practical skills.

Duration: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, Esther Lee Building, Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin

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CACBT Member: HK$1,900
Non-membe: HK$2,200
Full-time student: HK$1,000

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