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Process Group - A Journey of Self-Discovery & Awareness (Experiential Group)

Date: 21 Mar 2020 - 22 Mar 2020

Thailand, Bangkok

What is a Process Group?

A process group consist of a group of people meeting up for the common goal of self-discovery and finding out more about who they are and what they would like to change in their personal lives and relationships with others.

Central to the process group is the opportunity for participants to talk and share as openly as they possibly can about their interactions and experiences of each other as well as any aspects of the group experience that may come to mind. The group emulates a social microcosm where participants will remind each other of significant relationships both in their past or present, churning out feelings, thoughts, both pleasant and unpleasant.

As awareness increases, individuals may begin to recognize newly found aspects of themselves. Individuals and the group may actively and unconsciously attempt not to become aware of various emotional aspects of themselves to avoid uncomfortable and perhaps painful feelings. This is a common and normal phenomena of human behavior.

Just as individuals bring old learned behaviors and attitudes into the group they may take new ways of inter-relating outside the group. This may enable individuals to cultivate healthier inter-dependency with others, as well as increased expressions of mature and authentic intimacy. By being in a psychotherapy process oriented group, all participants have the opportunity for considerable personal gains, corrective emotional experiences and intrapsychic change that can last a lifetime.

About The Facilitator

Dr. Simon is a Professional with more than 25 years expertise in counselling, social and human services, education, services and training as well as community outreach. Proactively develop projects, programs and other disciplines to enhance the social, educational, psychological and other characteristics of students, parents, educators, social workers and the general public.
Simon has Doctorate in Group Psychotherapy, Master’s Degree in Social Science (Counselling) and BA in Psychology.

His portfolio includes a private practice known as The Psychotherapy Clinic in Singapore, and in Bangkok, Thailand, where he work as a Psychotherapist.

Duration: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Venue: Bangkok FarmVille (38 Khlong Song Ton Nun, Romklao, LadKrabang)

Contact: Email Organizer

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THB 6,900 (BPS Member by 31st January, 2020)
THB 7,900 (early bird until 14th February, 2020)
THB 8,900 (after 14th February, 2020)

Language: English

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