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Cutting-Edge CBT(Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

Date: 5 Nov 2019 - 6 Nov 2019


CBT Masterclass:Skill Mastery Coaching (5th - 6th November 2019)

Advanced practitioners will be able to:

- Overcome common habits in performing CBT superficially

- Craft customised case conceptualisations/formulations within first therapy session

- Use outcome assessment to continually guide treatment planning, implementation, and evaluation

- Track therapeutic impact at client, supervisee, and team levels

- Apply Rousmaniere’s deliberate practice framework(www.dpfortherapists.com) for achieving cycle of excellence to systematically pinpoint and break through current competencies for mastery of increasingly sophisticated skills

- Evoke emotions that prudently facilitate behaviour change

- Make behavioural activation work for suitable clients Develop and execute thought and behavioural experiments

- Deliver core components of CBT-I (CBT for Insomnia)

- Document and demonstrate outcomes and quality of services provided

Become an Expert CBT Supervisor (7th - 8th November 2019)

Advanced practitioners and clinical supervisors will diversify your repertoires for:

Implementing versatile deliberate practice strategies as coach/supervisor to detect and design challenges for each supervisee’s zone of proximal development or evolving learning stage

- Setting growth enhancing goals for accountable and purposeful partnership

- Setting efficient agenda for each supervision session

- Structuring case presentations and discussions

- Teaching clear tactics for producing useful case conceptualisations/formulations fast

- Giving negative feedback with strategic support

- Extending emotional/personal support safely and wisely

- Maintaining supervisor’s own professional development

- Impressing funding sources by quantitatively demonstrating effectiveness, cost efficiency and
value created for funded services

Master Trainer

Dr Frost is a clinical psychologist with extensive and multifaceted expertise as a clinician, supervisor, trainer, consultant,
researcher, and thought leader in mental health outcome analysis and outcome oriented service planning. His over two decades of clinical and leadership contributions throughout Australia include his having

- Trained over 500 psychologist supervisors
- Managed national outcome evaluation process for early psychosis services for 11 sites and over 450 clients
- Evaluated treatment outcomes of over 1,000 mental health clients leading to services that produced low drop-out rates and high effect sizes
- Developed and implemented behaviour modification protocols for clients with long term disabilities
- Facilitated stringent performance of Australian Council on Healthcare Standards accreditation processes
- Created systems for integrating data silos for evidence-based decision-making
- Designed innovative methodologies that maximised quality assurance and return-on investment for health services

Duration: 9.00am - 5.00

Venue: Shan You Counselling Centre, Block 5, Upper Boon Keng Road, #02-15 Singapore 380005

Website: Go to event website

Contact: Email Organizer

Brochure: Download

S$960 for each workshop

Language: English

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