Sexual Addiction As An Illness

Sexual addiction is an illness. It's solitary, dehumanizing, and satisfies only itself. Contrary to love, it's fleeting. It causes people to abuse their bodies. It distances us from our emotions, destroys good feelings about ourselves. It therefore causes people to be broken and alone.Dr. ...

Jan 18

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7 Ways A Therapist Is Worst For You!

Choosing a psychotherapist or counselor is a first step in seeking help. Not all psychotherapists are good therapists. To heal from your emotional or psychological wounds, you need to find and work with the right one for you if your situation calls for structured intervention.Here's my take. ...

Jan 13

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Psychotherapy for the Poor

Traditional, mainstream psychotherapy is largely "middle class" in nature and practice. It's basic worldview involves conceptions of mental health that promote middle class themes and values. Rationality. Scientific analysis. Work ethic. Control of emotions.  Strategic planning. ...

Jan 11

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A First Step In Healing From Affairs

When I saw Tonton, a British doing business in the Philippines, he was severely hurt and depressed. He was in much tears. He had caught his wife cheating again over the internet and seeing the OP (other person). Along the way, he had somehow able to acknowledge to himself that his wife remained ...

Jan 8

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Two Natures and Psychotherapy

The other day, I had another television location shooting with GMA 7 for the beginning episode of Out of Control this coming new year 2014. The crew brought me to another "out of control" in the city - a 60-year-old woman who suffers from chronic nail biting (onychophagia). Lola Telia ...

Dec 28

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The Disease of Self

I was sitting in a mall coffee shop. Suddenly, a man I’d met only a few times before approached my table. Across him, I watched his face contort as we conversed. Listening to his sighs and moans, he complained about lots of people who irritated him because they won’t meet his demands or ...

Dec 11

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Why Therapy Turns Empty

On various occasions, I've been excited when men who know they're addicted, dysfunctional, or immoral agreed to talk to me about inner healing. Yet each time I get disappointed by the outcome of our therapy and counseling sessions.One man who came to see me was an active religionist in the ...

Dec 2

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Freud Is An Enemy, Not A Friend

Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, gave many deep insights on psychology and psychotherapy. Unfortunately, he missed seeing clearly the “wholeness of man” and the very essence of human nature. Many of his theories were “anti-spirit” part and reinforcing a ...

Nov 25

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Retirement Life Therapy

This past few weeks, I've been doing a series of messages on happiness among attendees of my weekly hospital life recovery group. Since quite a number of patients in this hospital are aged or retirees, I tried to zero in on issues affecting this particular age group (though am not a member of ...

Oct 30

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Therapy, Personality, Life

Yesterday, I had a whole-day fun-filled, interactive university lecture/seminar on psychotherapy and personality before 200+ psychology students over at RTU in Manila. Celine, Jovic, and their team did excellent organizing, which brought memories of my years in undergraduate psychology (not too ...

Oct 10

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Nothing Is As Healing As Human Touch

People do get addicted. And the reason why they can't just quit is because they get a kind of relief - temporarily. Turning to material, visible, or concrete things somehow work to make the pain of unmet needs go away. Unfortunately, they're not reliable. They change and we can know what to ...

Sep 9

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Your Certificate of Self Worth

As a psychotherapist, I've become convinced that more than half of the emotional pains we suffer in life are totally unnecessary. A lot of these unnecessary pains are caused by a wounded sense of self worth. And so often, a wounded self worth is accompanied by constant negative self talks, ...

Sep 2

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Psychopathology of Evil

  One time, I had a long counseling session with a distraught couple. Things started to get hairy when the husband and wife related to me about unexplainable, “supernatural” appearances happening in their home.  Just several days ago, the wife (along with a companion) said ...

Jul 18

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A Key To Your Highest Self

Last night, a few of my friends met up an accident prior to their arrival in the restaurant where we set a dinner fellowship. Already delayed, they still had to go to the police station to file a report. When, finally, they arrived, I was smiling at them. Jokingly, I asked them, "What lesson ...

Jun 15

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Death and Psychotherapy

  All people will die. We all go to the grave, sooner or later. No one is exempted. Death then is an "anxiety" common to the entire humankind regardless of one's status in life. I'm reminded of my younger sister who died several years ago. While speaking to her in the ICU ...

Jun 1

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