Money and Mental Health

Money is neutral but it's a proven drug that can destroy lives.This therapy insight has not come easily for me. I too am exposed to a pervading culture where we are all in. A culture that puts so much stock on the temporary. To find security in money. To fall in love with possessions, the ...

Mar 14

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Rebuilding After Affair Trauma

Susan has been cheated on by her husband. She is broken. It's so difficult for her to make it through each day. She struggles with finding energy to get out of bed each morning. Physically, she is very listless, trying to hold her self together. Her recurring post-affair memories and thoughts ...

Feb 18

Categories: Addictions, Couple Counseling, Infidelity


Healing Toxic Anger

Many people have habitual and uncontrollable anger. Their anger is selfish. It's an automatic response to things not going their way. It could involve rage, explosion of temper, shouting, verbal abuse, and physical violence.When I met Lito, he was easily enraged and quick to explode at his wife and children. In various situations, even with ...

Feb 13

Categories: Addictions, Aggression & Violence, Anger Management


Is Gestalt Therapy Ok?

Gestalt Therapy, one of today's popular psychotherapy approaches, is founded by psychotherapist Dr. Fritz Perls. The following well-known Gestalt prayer written by Dr. Perls in the 1960s captures the spirit of this therapeutic approach:"I do my thing and you do your thing, I am not in this ...

Feb 12

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Sexual Addiction As An Illness

Sexual addiction is an illness. It's solitary, dehumanizing, and satisfies only itself. Contrary to love, it's fleeting. It causes people to abuse their bodies. It distances us from our emotions, destroys good feelings about ourselves. It therefore causes people to be broken and alone.Dr. ...

Jan 18

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A First Step In Healing From Affairs

When I saw Tonton, a British doing business in the Philippines, he was severely hurt and depressed. He was in much tears. He had caught his wife cheating again over the internet and seeing the OP (other person). Along the way, he had somehow able to acknowledge to himself that his wife remained ...

Jan 8

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Addictions, Infidelity


Two Natures and Psychotherapy

The other day, I had another television location shooting with GMA 7 for the beginning episode of Out of Control this coming new year 2014. The crew brought me to another "out of control" in the city - a 60-year-old woman who suffers from chronic nail biting (onychophagia). Lola Telia ...

Dec 28

Categories: Addictions, Adult psychological development, Obsessions & ...


Why Therapy Turns Empty

On various occasions, I've been excited when men who know they're addicted, dysfunctional, or immoral agreed to talk to me about inner healing. Yet each time I get disappointed by the outcome of our therapy and counseling sessions.One man who came to see me was an active religionist in the ...

Dec 2

Categories: Addictions, Adult psychological development, Emptiness


Nothing Is As Healing As Human Touch

People do get addicted. And the reason why they can't just quit is because they get a kind of relief - temporarily. Turning to material, visible, or concrete things somehow work to make the pain of unmet needs go away. Unfortunately, they're not reliable. They change and we can know what to ...

Sep 9

Categories: Addictions, Adult psychological development, Antisocial personality


Living A Life ... Or NonLife?

The first thing I noticed about Tom was his large frame and piercing eyes. He had come to call me on my mobile phone a few hours ago. And now, we were in a hotel, drinking coffee, and eventually past the pleasantries.He reached for the marrow of his purpose for meeting me. “I need help for ...

May 2

Categories: Addictions, Attachment Issues, Infidelity


What It Takes To Heal

Healing can happen only in a climate of openness and truth.This is the tragedy of Mina. Mina was caught in adultery, one which traumatized her husband. Her need to deny or "stonewall" her wrongdoing prevented her personal, marital, and family healing. What's her primary wound? I ...

Apr 22

Categories: Addictions, Attachment Issues, Couple Counseling


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