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Published on July 11, 2019

A well experienced clinical psychologist, Dr. Ghazi Kaddouh is one of the famous family psychologist Hong Kong, who is also a depression psychologist. He has a booming practice as a clinical psychologist in Central, Hong Kong and heads the SIO Psychology and Consulting. He handles many families seeking therapy and aims to promote the understanding and communication among the family members to resolve their issues. He maintains the mode of therapy as an individualistic and specific approach and advices solution-focused therapy to his patients. While the number of individual and family sessions may vary, Dr. Ghazi will manage to thoroughly assess every patient and device a method to resolve their issues.

Last but not the least, there has been a lot of studies and reports on mental health. We should never ignore the significance of mental health for our well-being. If you feel that you need help then you must consult a good psychologist. We all get one life and we must make it a beautiful one. You can end your sufferings with the right assistance. So, don’t wait.

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SIO Psychology

SIO Psychologist Hong Kong is a psychological science clinic in Hong Kong under the experienced and licensed psychologist Dr. Ghazi Kaddouh (PsyD). At SIO We provide counselling and therapy services to individuals and families who are facing emotional, psychological and relationship problems.

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