Why Do You Need A Psychologist To Treat Your Anxiety?

Published on July 3, 2019

Anxiety affects all individuals, but when it becomes a constant and intense part of your life hindering with your daily routine activities, you may be dealing with an anxiety disorder. This is the time you need to seek consultation with a good psychologist as well. Keep in mind that your mental health is also important and thus should never be ignored for your overall well-being. Let’s know how anxiety affects us.

Anxiety is a constant feeling of fear, tension and panic. It is sort of a challenging or stressful feeling for a non-dangerous or unimportant event. A job interview, an exam, a new job, public speaking, stage performance or even a date can bring about anxiety in a person.

Anxiety disorder patients suffer from a persistent fear which has a negative impact on their life. Your ability to eat, sleep, concentrate, function normally, travel, or even perform routine tasks becomes impossible. This means your fear has surpassed its normal limit and you suffer from an anxiety disorder for which it is necessary to seek treatment and not suffer silently.

Anxiety Psychologist Hong Kong -

Dr. Ghazi Kaddouh is one of the most famous clinical psychologists in Hong Kong. He heads the SIO Psychology & Consulting practice as a clinical psychologist in Central, Hong Kong. He has gained tremendous experience in handling all kinds of anxiety disorders and treating cases of fears, anxiety and stress.

Dr. Ghazi Kaddouh believes in communicating with the patient to understand the core problem affecting the person. In the process, he suggests remedies. He will initiate various therapies and solutions to help the patient. He then counsels the patient and helps him forget his anxiety issues in order to lead a healthy life along with performing his daily tasks without being stressed or worried.

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