Our Relationship with Food

Published on February 4, 2017

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Thin body obsession now a days is too practiced phenomena, it is really common to criticise the obese and over weight person in our society. The criteria of beauty is related with the body shape and thinness is the attraction of beauty, we all ignore the shiny skin, shiny hair, height, hair color, eyes coler and facial features and just focus on the skinny physice. 

We are struggle to achieve the thin body image and wearing skinny jeans is the way to reward ourselves. We are suffering from apperance phobia to some extent and obesity is declared as a disease.

While eating we are not enjoying our food most of us while eating are scared to gaining weight and some are just calculating the coleries of food we are eating, what we are missing is the pleasure of eating.

Intuitive Eating is a concept which repair our relationship with food it is focusing on the inner cues of hunger and fulness. 

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