Childhood Trauma: Overcoming the Hurt of Invalidation

“We can’t smooth over hurt feelings in our families,” Brene Brown writes. “It’s too easy for stockpiled hurt ...

Jul 27


NLP Training: A Version of Certification Program

As of the present moment, there is a unit nearly 300 'schools' presently giving coach, coaching, and lots of them area unit giving some version of a certification ...

Jul 18


Complication Simplified!

Clear skies get cloudy and bare dark, gloomy, but promising rain clouds. It signals the oncoming of cool, fertilizing showers and sets in with speedy, cool breeze that fills our ...

Jul 17


International Panic Day

International Panic Day on 18th June 2016 serves as a reminder to all of us to step back and relax ...

Written By:
Dan Martin, MS Psych (Clinical), Registered Psychologist (Australia)

Jun 14


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